Tanegashima Environment

Tanegashima has a lot to offer for those of you who like being outside. This is also a fantastic place to visit if you like variety as the beaches and the weather of this island are constantly changing.
Tanegashima Astronomy

Tanegashima is the perfect place for those of you who like astronomy and star gazing. Anyone from the city would be amazed at the number of stars you can see on a cloudless Tanegashima night. The following page contains star maps which show the Tanegashima night sky as it appears in real time.
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Maenohama Seaside Park and beachTanegashima Beaches

Tanegashima is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact the Tanegashima Space Center is said to be the most beautiful rocket launch facility in the world due to the surrounding beaches and rock formations.
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Tanegashima Climate

Tanegashima has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) with very warm summers and mild winters. The temperatures vary only a little between day and night from about April until October. From about November until March, the difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures becomes very noticeable. What might be a tee shirt afternoon can quickly become a heavy coat, with a knit hat and gloves, night.
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Tanegashima Geography

Tanegashima (種子島) is one of the Ōsumi Islands belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The island, 444.99 km² in area, is the second largest of the Ōsumi Islands, and has a population of 33,000 people. Access to the island is by ferry, or by air to New Tanegashima Airport. Administratively, the island is divided into the city, Nishinoomote, and the two towns, Nakatane and Minamitane. The towns belong to the Kumage District.
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Tanegashima Geology

The geology of Tanegashima is both interesting and beautiful. The sedimentary deposits which cover much of the island consist mostly of sandstone and shale. The strata was formed over millions of years as numerous layers were deposited on top of each other.
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Tanegashima Oceans

Tanegashima is greatly affected by the Pacific Ocean which works to moderate temperatures on the island. Air temperature differences of only a few degrees from morning to night and from day to day are typical, especially during the Summer months.
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Tanegashima Rivers

Tanegashima has quite a few rivers compliments of the copious amounts of rain the island receives throughout the year. Although numerous, the longest rivers top out at about 10 kilometers.
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