Tanegashima Resources

This page contains a collection of a few really good Tanegashima links. This page is a bit of a mess now but will be updated soon. Hang in there.

Picture - Hamada Beach, arguably the nicest beach on the island.
General Information Links
Wikipedia - Tanegashima, Japan - Wikipedia site with general information about the island.
Wikitravel - Tanegashima - Travel information about Tanegashima.
Furusato Tanegashima (Japanese) - Fantastic site from a guy who was born and raised in Tanegashima. Recommended
Furusato Tanegashima (English) - Same site as above but translated into English using Google translate. Recommended
Tanegashima Tourist Association - Official site for Tanegashima. Be sure to click the English links on the side.
Kagoshima Visitors Guide - This is the Tanegashima page for the Kagoshima prefecture site.
Islands of Japan - General information about the island.
Minamitane Town Official Site - We were living in this town (site written in Japanese).
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - General information about the space agency (site written in Japanese).
Travel Information and Blogs
Once A Traveler - Good information about beaches and surfing and other stuff.
Trip Advisor - A nice list of must see places on the island.
Outdoor Explorer - Another personal blog about recreation.
Sweet Salty Tart - Around Minamitane. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Sweet Salty Tart - Parks and Recreation, Tanegashima Style. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Sweet Salty Tart - Tanegashima Kids. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Matador Network - Shima to Shima: Southern Islands of Japan.
Lonely Planet - LINK NOT WORKING.
Japan Volcano - Forgotten islands on the southern seas. General information about a few islands of Japan.
Daisuki Japan - LINK NOT WORKING.
Yakushima Links
Wikipedia - Yakushima - General information about Yakushima.
Wikitravel - Yakushima - Travel information about Yakushima.
Yes Yakushima - A nice site with a lot of information about Yakushima.
YakushimaLife - A lot of information about Yakushima.
Japan Guide - Taking a ferry to Yakushima Island.
Japan Guide - Getting there and around.
Kuchinoerabujima Links
Wikipedia - Kuchinoerabu-jima - General information about Kuchinoerabu-jima.
Mountain Forecast - A bit of information about Kuchinoerabujima including a topographic map.
Google Maps and Pictures
Google Map - Nakatane - Map and pictures of beaches on both coasts in the middle of the island.
Google Map - Nishinoomote - Map and pictures of Urata Beach.
Information About Our Former Rental Property
Google Map - Minamitane - Map showing the location of the property we used to rent.
Google Map - Minamitane - Map showing the location of the property we used to rent in satellite view.
General Information Links
Daft Logic - Distance Calculator.
Tanegashima Issues
This island is a wonderful place but is being destroyed by those in positions of authority, either by their actions or inactions. The following is a list of problems which will eventually be discusses on separate pages. This is merely an outline with a list of related links.
  • Lack of support from those in authority
  • Noise pollution and the misuse of the public address system (see below)
  • Air pollution and trash burning
  • Feral cat population
  • Military presence and associated noise
  • Public utility companies working on the weekends【weird-top-five】/








 種子島宇宙センターでは、宇宙センター内 五差路付近の構内道路の一部について、射場作業のため一般車両等の通行を2月9日(水)9時30分から10時30分の時間帯に、一時規制いたします。





 「入場整理券」は会場で当日配布しますが、LINEを通じたオンライン事前発行も可能ですので、詳しくは、国税庁ホームページをご覧いただくか、種子島税務署 0997-22-0440 までご連絡ください。











 2月6日(日)午前8時30分から正午まで、役場 総務課 戸籍住民係においてマイナンバーカードの申請及び交付の臨時窓口を開設いたします。マイナンバーカードは、本人確認ができることはもちろん健康保険証としても利用できる便利なカードになります。


















List of disaster prevention administration radio broadcasting contents
 By disaster prevention administration radioIt is a list of the latest 10 main broadcast contents.

How to dispose of garbage
[First broadcast date and time:February 10, 2022 19:56]

 The Health and Welfare Division will inform you about how to dispose of garbage.

 There are garbage stations that do not follow the rules for how to dispose of garbage.Garbage other than burnable garbage,Please do not bring it to the garbage station.

 Cans, bottles, and PET bottles should be put out on the day of collection at the base.Bring it to the recycling centerWe ask for the cooperation of the townspeople.

Traffic regulations associated with the transfer of large equipment to the premises
[First broadcast date and time:February 8, 2022 7:20]

 We will inform you from the Minamitane Town Space Development Promotion Cooperation Association.

 At the Tanegashima Space CenterAbout a part of the premises road near the five-way road in the Space CenterGeneral vehicles will be allowed to pass through the range from 9:30 to 10:30 on February 9 (Wednesday).We will temporarily regulate it.

 note that,Due to stormy weather, etc.Please note that the travel time is subject to change.We ask for the cooperation of the townspeople.

About final income tax return for 3 years of Reiwa
[First broadcast date and time:February 8, 2022 7:20]

 We will inform you from the Tanegashima Tax Office.

 The final tax return for income tax, etc. for 3 years of Reiwa will start on February 16th.this year too,To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectionFor admission to the tax office filing consultation venue,You will need an "admission numbered ticket".

 "Admission numbered tickets" will be distributed at the venue on the day of the event,Online pre-issuance via LINE is also possible, soFor more information,Please see the NTA website orPlease contact the Tanegashima Tax Office at 0997-22-0440.

 note that,When you come to the tax return consultation site,Wearing a mask,Implementation of temperature measurement at the time of admission,Thank you for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands and fingers at the entrance of the venue.

About orthopedic practice
[First broadcast date and time:February 7, 2022 19:56]

 We will inform you about the medical treatment of orthopedics from Tanegashima Public Hospital.

 Regarding the medical treatment of orthopedics on February 8 (Tuesday)From the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infectionTo avoid crowding in the hospitalOnly reserved patients will be treated.

 We ask for the understanding and cooperation of the townspeople.

About questionnaire about food education, local production for local consumption
[First broadcast date and time:February 4, 2022 19:56]

 We will inform you about the questionnaire survey on food education and local production for local consumption from the General Agricultural Administration Division.

 In Honmachi, in formulating the "Minamitane Town Food Education / Local Production for Local Consumption Promotion Plan"We are conducting a questionnaire survey for all townspeople.Since the contents are described in the February issue of the town public relations magazine,We ask for the cooperation of the townspeople.

About application and issuance of my number card
[First broadcast date and time:February 4, 2022 19:56]

 We will inform you about the application and issuance of My Number Card from the General Affairs Division.

 From 8:30 am to noon on Sunday, February 6thWe will open a temporary window for applying for and issuing My Number Cards at the Family Register and Residents Section of the General Affairs Division of the government office.My number card isIt is a convenient card that can be used not only for identity verification but also as a health insurance card.

 If you are applyingPlease prepare a notification card and a photo.For those who will be issuedPlease bring your personal number card issuance notice and a driver's license to verify your identity.

 note that,We ask for your cooperation in preventing infection with the new coronavirus, such as washing hands, gargling, and wearing a mask.

About holding of the second "specific community development business cooperative system" briefing session
[First broadcast date and time:February 4, 2022 19:56]

 We would like to inform you about the holding of the 2nd "Specific Community Development Business Cooperative System" briefing session from the Planning Division.

 We will inform you in the February issue of the public relations magazine, etc.The 2nd "Specific Community Development Business Cooperative System" briefing session,It will be held from 3:00 pm on Thursday, February 10th.

 For more information,Check the February issue public relations magazine or the town homepage, orPlease contact the Planning and Development Section, Planning Division.

About slander to restaurants
[First broadcast date and time:February 1, 2022 19:56]

 We will inform you about the request from the Planning Division to shorten the business hours of restaurants, etc. due to the priority measures area such as prevention of spread.

 From January 27th to February 20thWith the designation of the entire Kagoshima prefecture as a priority measure area such as spread prevention,Restaurants in the town are closed and business hours are shortened.We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the townspeople.Thank you for your understanding.

 also,For some businessesAbout the cooperation money paid when cooperatingWe received information from the townspeople that they had slander.

 For restaurants, etc.Under very difficult circumstancesWe comply with the request from Kagoshima prefecture, soWith the understanding of the townspeople,Please do not slander.

About the implementation of the national instantaneous warning system test
[First broadcast date and time:February 1, 2022 19:56]

 The General Affairs Division will inform you about the implementation of information transmission training through the National Instant Alert System (J-Alert).

 In case of an earthquake, tsunami or armed assaultInformation transmission training will be held around 11:00 am on Wednesday, February 2nd.From the disaster prevention administrative radio door-to-door receiver and outdoor loudspeaker, "This is a J-Alert test.Messages and chimes such as "" will be broadcast,Because it is a training broadcastPlease do not make a mistake andThank you for your understanding of the training broadcast.

About cancellation of long-term care prevention classroom
[First broadcast date and time:February 1, 2022 19:56]

 We will inform you about the cancellation of the long-term care prevention class from the Regional Comprehensive Support Center.

 The exercise classes held at each district community center every Wednesday areTo prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectionIt will be canceled until the end of February.To all the participantsWhile keeping in mind infection control measures,We ask that you work on your own exercise.