Tanegashima, Japan
Hey Friends,
Now January 2019 and we returned to Tanegashima. Hang in there a bit more and I am planning to give you more information about this wonderful island than you ever knew existed. Please keep checking for updates. Thanks.
Tanegashima, Japan

Welcome to Tanegashima (種子島), Japan, a small island located off the coast of the main island of Kyushu, Japan.

Picture - Hamada Beach.

Tanegashima is one of the best kept secrets in Japan. The island is a collection of beautiful beaches, fascinating caves, and a very diverse flora and fauna. The locals call the island "surfer's paradise", thanks to fantastic waves much of the year, and the soft sandy beaches. This is also the home of the Tanegashima Space Center, the site of several JAXA (The Japan Space Agency) rocket launches each year.
Relaxing Serenity

Tanegashima is the best vacation spot in Japan if you're looking for solitude and serenity. Even during peak vacation seasons, like Golden Week, there is always a beach with no human presence, where you can write, paint, or simply reflect. The sunrises and the sunsets, especially behind neighboring Yakushima, are spectacular. Combine all of this with kind and friendly locals, and you will realize this is a place you want to visit again and again.

Picture - Beautiful sunset behind neighboring Yakushima.

Tanegashima is relatively unknown when compared to its neighbor Yakushima, a World Heritage Site. There is a plethora of information online about Yakushima, but relatively little about Tanegashima, especially in English. This was the motivation for creating TanegashimaJapan.com. If you are planning a trip to Yakushima, you owe it yourself to take the hour ferry ride each way, and visit Tanegashima. After you hiked all the Yakushima trails you can handle, come and relax on a beautiful Tanegashima beach. You will definitely be happy you decided not to overlook this gem of Japan.
Our Story

We moved to Tanegashima in September 2014. Now 2017 and we are still on the island but thanks to a bicep tear, and other factors, we might be returning to America this year.

Picture - Us hanging out together at the Tanegashima Space Center.

Our time on the island has been incredible. We spent plenty of time enjoying the beautiful beaches, camping, fishing, and even were able to support ourselves through self sufficient farming. For us, our years on Tanegashima include many beautiful memories which will not be forgotten. For those of you planning to visit, or even move to the island, you are welcome to read our Tanegashima story. I posted literally thousands of pictures, along with their stories. This is the best way for you to really know what Tanegashima is all about. Note: Our story is actually on my personal site. The following link opens to a new window. Read our continuing story....
Night Sky

Did you know many people living in the cities have never seen the Milky Way? Come to Tanegashima, where on a cloudless night, you can see more stars than you can possibly imagine. The astronomy page has star maps to guide you on your journey through the Tanegashima night sky. Continue reading....
Crazy Climate

Tanegashima has a humid subtropical climate and all the characteristic weather. Days filled with beautiful sunshine can easily be followed by torrential rains, damaging winds, and typhoons. Tanegashima is a fantastic place but definitely put a lot of thought into the timing of your visit. Continue reading....
Gentle Terrain

Tanegashima does not compare to neighboring Yakushima in terms of varied topography, well depending on your point of view. Tanegashima technically has no mountains, although the topography does rise to an elevation of about 282 meters (925 ft) in Nishinoomore to the north. Continue reading....
Natural History

The geology of Tanegashima is both interesting and beautiful. The sedimentary deposits which cover much of the island consist of mostly sandstone and shale. The strata was formed over millions of years as numerous layers were deposited on top of each other. Continue reading....
Island Towns

Tanegashima is divided widthwise into three sections, each constituting a town. Well actually, Nishinoomote is the only city and makes up the northern third of the island. Nakatane town is located in the middle of the island. Minamitane is located in the southern third of Tanegashima. Continue reading....
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