Tanegashima Resources

This page contains a collection of a few really good Tanegashima links. This page is a bit of a mess now but will be updated soon. Hang in there.

Picture - Hamada Beach, arguably the nicest beach on the island.
General Information Links
Wikipedia - Tanegashima, Japan - Wikipedia site with general information about the island.
Wikitravel - Tanegashima - Travel information about Tanegashima.
Furusato Tanegashima (Japanese) - Fantastic site from a guy who was born and raised in Tanegashima. Recommended
Furusato Tanegashima (English) - Same site as above but translated into English using Google translate. Recommended
Tanegashima Tourist Association - Official site for Tanegashima. Be sure to click the English links on the side.
Kagoshima Visitors Guide - This is the Tanegashima page for the Kagoshima prefecture site.
Minamitane Town Official Site - We are now living in this town (site written in Japanese).
Minamitane Town Official Site - Rental Properties - LINK NOT WORKING.
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - LINK NOT WORKING.
A-COOP - Grocery Store - LINK NOT WORKING.
A-COOP - Weekly Specials - LINK NOT WORKING.
Travel Information and Blogs
Once A Traveler - Good information about beaches and surfing and other stuff.
Trip Advisor - A nice list of must see places on the island.
Nothing But Words - LINK NOT WORKING.
Outdoor Explorer - Another personal blog about recreation.
Sweet Salty Tart - Around Minamitane. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Sweet Salty Tart - Parks and Recreation, Tanegashima Style. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Sweet Salty Tart - Tanegashima Kids. A personal blog about a trip to Minamitane.
Matador Network - Shima to Shima: Southern Islands of Japan.
Lonely Planet - LINK NOT WORKING.
Japan Volcano - Forgotten islands on the southern seas. General information about a few islands of Japan.
Daisuki Japan - LINK NOT WORKING.
Yakushima Links
Japan National Tourism Organization - LINK NOT WORKING.
Wikipedia - Yakushima - General information about Yakushima.
Wikitravel - Yakushima - Travel information about Yakushima.
Yes Yakushima - A nice site with a lot of information about Yakushima.
YakushimaLife - LINK NOT WORKING.
Japan Guide - Taking a ferry to Yakushima Island.
Japan Guide - Getting there and around.
Yakushima Note - LINK NOT WORKING.
Kuchinoerabujima Links
Wikipedia - Kuchinoerabu-jima - General information about Kuchinoerabu-jima.
Mountain Forecast - A bit of information about Kuchinoerabujima including a topographic map.
Google Maps and Pictures
Google Map - Minamitane - LINK INCORRECT.
Google Map - Minamitane - LINK INCORRECT.
Google Map - Hoshihara - LINK INCORRECT.
Google Map - Nakatane - Map and pictures of beaches on both coasts in the middle of the island.
Google Map - Nishinoomote - Map and pictures of Urata Beach.
Information About Our Former Rental Property
Google Map - Minamitane - Map showing the location of the property we used to rent.
Google Map - Minamitane - Map showing the location of the property we used to rent in satellite view.
General Information Links
Daft Logic - Distance Calculator.