Tanegashima Services

Information includes: community services, transportation, hotels, shopping, and restaurants. Please note this information was collected quite a few years ago and a lot may have changed. Restaurants come and go on the island and transportation prices have undoubtedly changed, especially with the construction of the new military base on neighboring Mageshima. The service information is still useful as a guide to availability. Might be advisable to visit some of the links provided or maybe make a few phone calls before heading out to any of these places.
Nishinoomote Services

A bank, post offices, and gas stations located in Nishinoomote are listed.
Nakatane Services

A bank, post offices, and gas stations located in Nakatane are listed.
Minamitane Services

Post offices and gas stations located in Minamitane are listed.
Tanegashima Transportation

These pages cover how to get to, and get around, the island.
Tanegashima Hotels

Tanegashima has numerous hotels in the northern city of Nishinoomote, the central town of Nakatane, and the southern town of Minamitane. There is a Japanese style ryokan in Minamitane town called Kiku. The owner, Hidakasan, is a very kind older woman who will make sure your stay is comfortable and relaxing.
Tanegashima Shopping

Shopping in Tanegashima is certainly much more limited than the main islands of Japan. Prices on the island are pretty comparable though to what we were paying in Nara at Seiyu (Walmart) and maybe even a little less. The grocery stores need to be at least slightly competitive in terms of fish and vegetable prices due to the large farming and fishing communities on the island.
Tanegashima Restaurants

Considering the small size of the island, Tanegashima has a surprising number of restaurants consisting of a wide variety of cuisine.