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Home - Fishing - Tanegashima Fish Types
Tanegashima Fish Types
Oriental Butterflyfish Chouchouo Chaetodon AuripesTanegashima Fish Types

These are all of the fish we actually caught since moving to Tanegashima. We tried all of them and, aside for a few, most were pretty good to eat. More information about cooking the fish coming soon.

Click on any of the links in the fish list below for detailed information about each fish and where you can catch them on Tanegashima.

Picture - The Oriental Butterflyfish, probably the most colorful fish we caught so far. This fish is definitely more suited for an aquarium than the dinner table.
Fish We Actually Caught on Tanegashima
Indo Pacific Sergeant Oyabitcha Abudefduf VaigiensisIndo-Pacific Sergeant

Japanese Name(s) - オヤビッチャ (Oyabitcha)

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Bigeye Trevally Gingameaji Caranx SexfasciatusBigeye Trevally

Japanese Name(s) - ギンガメアジ (Gingameaji)

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Black Stripe Sweeper Minamihatanpo Pempheris SchwenkiiBlack-Stripe Sweeper

Japanese Name(s) - ミナミハタンポ (Minamihatanpo)

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Yellowfin Goatfish Akahimeji Mulloidichthys VanicolensisYellowfin Goatfish

Japanese Name(s) - アカヒメジ (Akahimeji)

Click for more information
Spotted Knifejaw Ishigakidai Oplegnathus PunctatusSpotted Knifejaw

Japanese Name(s) - イシガキダイ (Ishigakidai)

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Brassy Chub Isuzumi Kyphosus VaigiensisBrassy Chub

Japanese Name(s) - イスズミ (Isuzumi)

Click for more information
Girella Leonina Kuromejina Girella LeoninaGirella Leonina

Japanese Name(s) - クロメジナ (Kuromejina)

Click for more information
Barcheek Trevally Indokaiwari Carangoides PlagiotaeniaBarcheek Trevally

Japanese Name(s) - インドカイワリ (Indokaiwari)

Click for more information
Yellowfin Surgeonfish Kurohagi Acanthurus Xanthopterus 1Yellowfin Surgeonfish

Japanese Name(s) - クロハギ (Kurohagi)

Click for more information
Spottedtail Morwong Takanohadai Cheilodactylus ZonatusSpottedtail Morwong

Japanese Name(s) - タカノハダイ (Takanohadai)

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False Kelpfish Kasago Sebastiscus MarmoratusFalse Kelpfish

Japanese Name(s) - カサゴ (Kasago), ガシラ (Gashira - Kansai area)

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North Pacific Squirrelfish Ittoudai Sargocentron SpinosissimumNorth Pacific Squirrelfish

Japanese Name(s) - イットウダイ (Ittoudai), コンペントオ (Konpentoo - Kansai area)

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Indian Goatfish Kobanhimeji Parupeneus IndicusIndian Goatfish

Japanese Name(s) - コバンヒメジ (Kobanhimeji)

Click for more information
Japanese Jack Mackerel Maaji Trachurus JaponicusJapanese Jack Mackerel

Japanese Name(s) - マアジ (Maaji)

Click for more information
Russells Snapper Kurohoshifuedai Lutjanus RusselliiRussell's Snapper

Japanese Name(s) - クロホシフエダイ (Kurohoshifuedai)

Click for more information
Painted Sweetlips Korodai Diagramma PictumPainted Sweetlips

Japanese Name(s) - コロダイ (Korodai)

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Blackspot Sergeant Shimasuzumedai Abudefduf SordidusBlackspot Sergeant

Japanese Name(s) - シマスズメダイ (Shimasuzumedai)

Click for more information
Barred Knifejaw Ishidai Oplegnathus FasciatusBarred Knifejaw

Japanese Name(s) - イシダイ (Ishidai)

Click for more information
Thalassoma Cupido Nishikibera Thalassoma CupidoThalassoma Cupido

Japanese Name(s) - ニシキベラ (Nishikibera)

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Oriental Butterflyfish Chouchouo Chaetodon AuripesOriental Butterflyfish

Japanese Name(s) - チョウチョウウオ (Chouchouo)

Click for more information
Flathead Grey Mullet Bora Mugil CephalusFlathead Grey Mullet

Japanese Name(s) - ボラ (Bora)

Click for more information
Blackhead Seabream Kurodai Acanthopagrus SchlegeliiBlackhead Seabream

Japanese Name(s) - クロダイ (Kurodai)

Click for more information
Large Toothed Cardinalfish Ryuukyuuyaraiishimochi Cheilodipterus MacrodonLarge Toothed Cardinalfish

Japanese Name(s) - リュウキュウヤライイシモチ (Ryuukyuuyaraiishimochi)

Click for more information
Gracile Lizardfish Madaraeso Saurida GracilisGracile Lizardfish

Japanese Name(s) - マダラエソ (Madaraeso)

Click for more information
Japanese Gregory Sedakasuzumedai Stegastes AltusJapanese Gregory

Japanese Name(s) - セダカスズメダイ (Sedakasuzumedai)

Click for more information
Half Lined Cardinal Nenbutsudai Apogon SemilineatusHalf Lined Cardinal

Japanese Name(s) - ネンブツダイ (Nenbutsudai)

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Star Snapper Fuedai Lutjanus StellatusStar Snapper

Japanese Name(s) - フエダイ (Fuedai)

Click for more information
Eeltail Catfish Gonzui Plotosus JaponicusEeltail Catfish

Japanese Name(s) - ゴンズイ (Gonzui)

Click for more information
Please visit the individual fish pages for resources related to a particular fish.
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